Adnan Yilmaz operation is wanted?

It was stated that these pains emerged with the tension between AK Party main stage and AK Party youth branches in recent days. District Chairman Sedat Karatekin Chairman of the youth branches Emre Sarı because of the former President Adnan Yilmaz because of the allegations that the District Management is trying to get dismissed between the President of the Provincial President Bülent Delican and President Abdurrahman Tosun and District President Emre Sarı Karatekin, who was interviewed for his dismissal, could not get the result. Karetekin’nin himself close to the former head of the Organization after the dismissal of President Ahmet Tok’u learned to press again to remove the Yellow learned. He intensified these claims by saying that he will not work with youth branches after that unless he puts forward any justification in the board meeting yesterday.

While it is stated that this move of Karatekin will not find an answer in the Provincial Presidency, it is also clear that there is no such authority in the AK Party statute. See more at peak oil barrel in middle east.

Adnan Yilmaz close to the names are no duty!

On the other hand, the members of the Board of Directors, Sedat Karatekin Adna Yilmaz close to the board of directors Mahmut Polat, was dismissed, Hikmet Kaya, Seyfi Yildirim, Hacer Yedibaba, Osman Yilmaz, Mustafa Akar, Nedime Uzunoglu names such as assignments were not given active tasks.